Lambert Le

Hardware Designer and Maker of Things

I am the Making of Things

With a deep-rooted passion for robotics, I am a Computer Engineer by trade and have considerable interest for electronics. It is a well balance mix of mechanical, electrical and software engineering. Through my involvement in consumer product development and delivery, I became fascinated with knowledge/information management within an organization. I make it my mandate that my team has access to tools and knowledge for a smooth development lifecycle. There is a great deal of satisfaction when the team have access to the resources they need as a result of good planning.

Currently, I am employed at Noze as a Senior Product Engineer in the biotech sector. Our current project involves the development of a biomedical device designed to detect specific diseases like lung cancer and diabetes by analyzing biomarkers present in breath samples. The successful implementation of this technology promises to significantly enhance accessibility to disease detection without resorting to invasive medical procedures.

My overarching goal is to build healthy teams and organizations which will have a positive impact to the community.

My Timeline

2023.07 to present ❖ Noze, Senior Product Engineer, Eng.
2016.11 to 2023.05 ❖ WowWee, Hardware & Embedded Engineer, Eng.
2015.01 to 2016.11 ❖ TandemLaunch Inc, Staff Technologist, Jr. Eng.
2014.07 to 2016.06 ❖ Helios Laboratories Inc, Founder & Hardware Designer
2013.11 to 2014.11 ❖ Fablab Inc, Hardware Developer
2013.08 to 2013.10 ❖ Bombardier Aero, Occupant Safety for Global
2011.01 to 2013.05 ❖ Bombardier Aero, Software Developer
2010.09 to 2010.12 ❖ Tavis Software, Intern
2021.05 to present ❖ Northsec Cybersecurity Conference, Hardware Badge Team
2014.01 to 2017.05 ❖ Helios Makerspace, Founder
2013.05 to 2013.08 ❖ District 3, Project Mandator for Helios Makerspace
2012.11 to 2012.01 ❖ CQI: Director of Innovative Design
2011.09 to 2013.05 ❖ IEEE Concordia, President
2011.09 to 2012.04 ❖ ECA, Web Committee Member
2009.10 to 2011.08 ❖ IEEE Concordia, VP Finance
2008.09 to 2011.01 ❖ CCAS, IT Director
2007.09 to 2008.05 ❖ VA2, Treasurer
Prizes & Awards
2014.04 ❖ 1st Prize CQE, Helios Makerspace
2013.04 ❖ IEEE Concordia Society of the Year from ECA
2013.04 ❖ IEEE Concordia Most Helpful Society from ECA
2012.11 ❖ Outstanding Contribution to IEEE Montreal
2012.11 ❖ Best Student Branch from IEEE Montreal
2012.05 ❖ Honorable Mention, Concordia Capstone Design Award
2012.04 ❖ Special Mention, IEEE Canada Larry Wilson Award
2012.01 ❖ 4th Place Electrical Engineering, Engineering Games
2011.01 ❖ 3rd Place AI Competition, CS Games
Competitions & Conferences
2022➽2024 ❖ DEFCON, Las Vegas
2023➽2024 ❖ REcon Reverse Engineering Conference, Montreal
2019➽2024 ❖ NorthSec Cybersecurity Conference, Montreal
2016.04 ❖ TELUQ, Émergence des tiers lieux à usage collaboratif
2015.11 ❖ International Entrepreneurship Seminar, Vietnam, Hanoi
2015.05 ❖ C2MTL Business Conference
2014.09 ❖ Wearhacks 2014, Posture Tracker Project
2014.01 ❖ CUSEC 2014, Software Conference
2013.08 ❖ SpikenzieLab 3rd Place @Foulab's Hardware Hackathon
2013.01 ❖ CUSEC 2013, Software Conference
2013.01 ❖ Engineering Games: Machine Team & Compétition Majeure
2012.09 ❖ IEEE Canada Student Branch Congress
2012.01 ❖ CUSEC 2012, Software Conference
2012.01 ❖ Engineering Games: Machine Team & Electrical Engineering
2011.03 ❖ CS Games: AI Design, Web Design
2011.01 ❖ Engineering Games: Machine Team

Community Contribution

I made it my priority to solve a problem in my local community: the lack of space and access to tools for projects. Thus, I have been working on pooling the ressources into local workshops to better serve the community.

IEEE Concordia

The best student ressource & engineering lab on campus open to all

IEEE Concordia's mandate is to provide an electronic laboratory for students to eliminate the enormous amount of paperwork needed to get access to a university lab


The biggest in-person CTF in North America

The conference covers diverse topics such as network security, software and/or hardware exploitation, application security, reverse engineering, malware and cryptography.

Helios Makerspace

The 1st Makerspace in Montreal

The Makerspace's mission is to provide the tools to the community necessary to materialize an idea by providing access to welding, metalworking, woodworking, electronics and 3D printing.
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Getting in touch.

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