An end, a new start

Last month, I have been contemplating quitting my full time job in an aerospace company. Two reasons: I wasn’t motivated since I didn’t like the job and I wanted to kickstart a makerspace. The makerspace required more time than anticipated. The team needed to meet with the city council, various funding organization, landlords, networking events, schools. It’s super fun but I couldn’t have a job and that at the same time.

After a lot of thinking, it was decided; I was going to quit. I will do what I always wanted to do and take the entrepreneurship path. I have to admit that there was a bit of a sense of panic on my last day at work. There is so much uncertainty in the near future, mainly about how I’m going to pay for food in 4 months. Sometime you gotta make some sacrifice and take a leap into the unknown. It’s going to be fun!

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