Caring about information flow

I always try to be conscious how & where information is flowing in a project. Had an interesting discussion with a colleague about Asana and knowledge storage. I don’t believe there is an universal do-it all tool.

For a short while, we were mixing knowledge-base and task-list on the same platform, Asana. But hey, we have a wiki on our code-repository, why not use that?!

The current practice produces a lot of noise for other team members. Especially when everybody gets a notification every time a new ‘knowledge’ is added to Asana. Our asana board is becoming this monstrosity of hundreds of ‘non-tasks’ items categorized under a section called “Knowledge Base”. Oh gawd!

Noise is generated on that platform, and when that happens people stop listening to that channel (skype, slack, asana, pretty much everything).

Information should be transparent, but we shouldn’t forcefully push it on people. It should rather be properly indexed and easily found. Thus, using a wiki specifically for knowledge, and Asana specifically for tasks management. They both contain clear and specific type of information. Any new team member jumping on board can get up to speed fairly autonomously. So we are re-organizing our structure right now before the project becomes too big.

I’m sure this is obvious to some, but I wouldn’t say that it is common sense for many. I think the philosophy of “one app to rule them on” is comforting to many, but it probably doesn’t work perfectly as of today (emphasis on ‘perfectly working’).