Recycling the Boosted Board Battery into a Power Bank

So the boosted BMS is unsalvageable. But the battery cells are still perfectly fine. I got a new BMS and I will turn it into a portable power bank with 110V outlet. Greatly inspired from Jehu Garcia

So I ended up with a bunch of good LiPo cells from a Boosted Board XR Battery. Got inspired from the videos from Jehu Garcia. Perfect timing: let’s build a portable power bank with an integrated inverter.

Little follow up on this project. In the previous design, the power bank was limited to 75W at the AC output. The step-down converter has a hard limit of 5A. Since I’m stepping down to 15V, the output is only 75W. However, I just got a new inverter that takes 40V. So if I step down to [email protected], the inverter can output up to 200W. Much better! Let’s try it out.